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Princess Mary, Princess Royal, later Countess of Harewood, was heavily involved in charitable works and nursing during the war princess mary. Her Gift Book , published in 1914, contains a collection of children’s stories by the leading authors of the day, such as JM Barrie, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Rudyard Kipling, along with illustrations from well-known artists this embossed brass ‘tin’ – the princess mary christmas gift 1914 – is currently (and very generously) on loan to our museum for the upcoming exhibition that we are holding in august to mark the outbreak of world war 1. PRINCESS MARY BOX Containing a piece of card with a brass bullet pencil and a New Year card from Princess Mary about the christmas gift fund. The tin is dated 1914 and the card 1915 the inaugural meeting of the christmas gift fund committe, which was set up to pursue princess mary’s ambitions, was held on the 14 th october 1914. At a meeting held in the Ritz Hotel, Piccadilly, London, on 14 October 1914, H the committee comprised of significant and notable personalities from the time. R summary. H decorative brass tin sent by princess mary to members of the british, colonial and indian armed forces for christmas 1914. Princess Mary inaugurated a special fund to pay for the… An original Christmas gift tin from World War One over 426,000 of these tins were distributed to those serving on christmas day 1914. These were given to military personnel in the British and Commonwealth armies and navies for Christmas, 1914 the princess mary 1914 tin was intended to be issued to all british and commonwealth military for the christmas holiday of 1914, hense the 1914 christmas card. this replaces a video made in 2014 however, a consignement of brass intended for the manufacture of the tins was destroyed when the ship carrying it was torpedoed. princess mary, then 18, often accompanied the queen and according to the book “princess mary, viscount lascelless” became intensely concerned, with christmas looming, about the well-being of the soldiers and sailors serving far from home. made in india as a decorative box for the home décor industry and been on commercial sale in the uk since the mid 1980 with her parents consent the following letter of appeal was published in november 1914. In November 1914, an advertisement was placed in the national press inviting monetary contributions to a ‘Sailors & Soldiers Christmas Fund’ which had been created by Princess Mary, the seventeen year old daughter of King George V and Queen Mary original ww1 princess mary 1914 christmas tin in excellent condition. Princess Mary s Christmas Gift was a brass tin filled with various gifts, such as tobacco, confectionary, spices, pencils, a notebook, postcards and a picture of the princess 100% genuine item. The idea was the initiative of Princess Mary, the 17-year-old daughter of King George V and Queen Mary please view all of the pictures for condition and description. Princess Mary Gift Tin 1914 Pricess Mary’s Gift Box 1914 The Christmas of 1914 was a unique period in WWI with many thinking that the war would soon be over and that the troops would be coming home ww1 princess mary christmas 1914 gift tin given to serving soldiers. The Princess Marys Gift book 1914 is currently estimated to sell on the secondary retail market ( known selling price ) for an average of 31 use the zoom for a good look, seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. 4540 GBP, depending on the condition and where it is for sale at postage and handling. This will typically sell higher in an Antique Shop, or Private sale compared to an auction the seller has not specified a postage method to united states. The Princess Mary Christmas gift box was a brass or silver tin containing a number of gifts intended to be distributed to all members of the armed forces of the British Empire on Christmas day 1914, during World War I the princess mary’s christmas gift in 1914 is a rectangular tin with a hinged lid.

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princess mary 1914 christmas tin value
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